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OS/2 em PortugalUm verdadeiro sistema operativo

De utilizadores do Operative System 2 em Portugal, para todos quantos quiserem. 

Alta Tecnologia
Hi-Tech Communications

     Jerry Sanders, Andy Grove, and Bill Gates (CEOs of AMD, Intel, and Microsoft, in case you didn't recognize
     one (or more?) of the names) were in a high-powered business meeting. During the serious, tense discussions,
     a beeping noise suddenly is emitted from where Jerry is sitting. 

     Jerry says, "Oh, that's my emergency beeper. Gentlemen, excuse me, I really need to take this call." So Jerry
     lifts his wristwatch to his ear and begins talking into the end of his tie. After completing this call, he notices the
     others are staring at him. 

     Jerry explains, "Oh, this is my new emergency communication system. I have an earpiece built into my watch
     and a microphone sewn into the end of my tie. That way, I can a take a call anywhere." 

     The others nod, and the meeting continues. 

     Five minutes later, the discussion is again interrupted when Andy starts beeping. He also states, "Oh, that is my
     emergency beeper. Excuse me, gentlemen, this must be an important call." So Andy taps his earlobe and begins
     talking into thin air. 

     When he completes his call, he notices the others staring at him and explains, "I also have an emergency
     communication system. But my earpiece is actually implanted in my earlobe, and the microphone is actually
     embedded in this fake tooth. Isn't that neat?" 

     The others nod, and the meeting continues. 

     Five minutes later, the discussion is again interrupted when Bill emits a thunderous fart. He looks up at the
     others staring at him and says, "Uhh, somebody get me a piece of paper... I'm receiving a fax." 


 Curiosidade: Sabia que o OS/2 corre mais quiosques multimédia do que qualquer outro sistema operativo? 
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